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Your “Help Wanted” sign has been up for WEEKS! You’ve researched and invested in online advertising without any return on your investment. You’ve tried EVERYTHING to attract new employees and nothing’s worked. Scratch that…you’ve tried ALMOST everything.

The problem with using platforms that are intended for the unemployed is that you really need to reach employees that are working somewhere else and are looking for a change! Radio reaches people while they are working, or while they’re driving to work. Radio can also reach friends and family members of the person that YOU want to reach.

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We at Binnie Media are here to get YOUR business back on its feet by recruiting you those hardworking employees you desperately need. Take advantage of a free consultation from an expert in radio recruitment and join the businesses that are benefitting from these qualified leads. This consultation comes with no strings attached, no purchase required. Our goal is to help local businesses like yours succeed!

As an added bonus, every company or business who requests a free consultation will be entered into our monthly drawing to win a $2,000 employee recruitment schedule on the radio station of their choice! You have nothing to lose and $2,000 worth of radio advertising to gain. Let’s take that help wanted sign off your door TOGETHER.


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    When getting your message out, it is essential that you are hitting your business’ target audience. Binnie Media utilizes hit radio stations all across New England.
    -Maggie S.