Let the Power of Radio Advertising Add to Your Business Success

Every dollar you spend on marketing has to provide you a substantial return on your investment and effective radio advertising does that. Nielsen reported radio advertising leading to brick-and-mortar sales had an average return of $6 for every $1 spent, or a 6.0x ROI.

The secret to radio advertising is reach and frequency. That is the power of radio. With radio, and because of the loyalty of radio audiences, your ad reaches your targeted audience repeatedly building awareness. And most often is your last chance to reach a potential customer in a car, on the way to make a purchase.

Radio Station Advertising
Most Effective Advertising

Why Advertise on Binnie Media?

No matter your size or type of business, radio’s combination of reach, engagement, and customer trust is unmatched. If you are considering radio advertising here is why you should advertise on Binnie Media:

  • 92% of Americans listen to the radio every week – Nielsen
  • 79% of radio listening happens in a car during weekends, 71% during weekday drive times, making radio your best opportunity to deliver your message just before a potential customer makes a purchase. – Nielsen
  • Adults spend almost 2X more time each day with broadcast radio than they do with all of social media – Nielsen

Binnie Offers Selective Targeting

Each Binnie Media radio station targets specific demographics within a local market, determined by the programming and what time of day your advertising will run.

With 14 strongly branded and diverse radio stations, Binnie Media delivers the ability to connect with a variety of audiences in local markets across New Hampshire and Maine.

Below are examples of the demographics you can reach:

Maine Radio Stations

  • 99.9 The Wolf – #1 For New Country and The Legends 52% of listeners are Adults 25 -54
  • 105.5 The Wolf – Midcoast Maine’s #1 For New Country #1 Adults 18-49 105.5
  • 106.3 The Bone – Southern Maine’s Rock Station 80% of listeners are Adults 25 -54
  • 106.9 Frank FM – Maine’s #1 for Classic Hits #1 Adults 25 -54 #1 Adults 35 -64
  • 107.5 Frank FM – Maine’s #1 for Classic Hits 79% of listeners are Adults 25 -54

New Hampshire Radio Stations

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    When getting your message out, it is essential that you are hitting your business’ target audience. Binnie Media utilizes hit radio stations all across New England.
    -Maggie S.